Endure with belief that the evil of child sacrifice is no more when you do something about it. Remember, "What you allow is what will continue!" Do nothing and you will be defined by the shadows of evil instead of the content and context of your character, spiritual and moral evolution.

The "HOPE" art exhibition is an interrogation several layers beneath the cruel reality we reckon with, it's a sensitisation dialogue towards a joint fight against the vice of child sacrifice. This exhibition offers a creative mist of conversations, memories and a glimpse into "HOPE" as a reality that flies to our rescue in times of despair.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministeries (KCM) tackles child sacrifice in Uganda through rescues, arrests, investigations and prosecutions, by giving emergency and long term medical care to survivors and raising awareness of this horrific practice. 

By purchasing an artwork from the Hope Exhibition your money will be helping KCM protect the children of Uganda.*

*Payments are processed by Droplets In A Stream, an Australian charity organisation that supports KCM in Uganda.